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  • Frequently encountered problems’ codes, meanings and required actions (1)

    I)Quality of cash notes is the most common problem encountered at ATM level. Poor notes quality creates a chain of problems that starts with the ATM jam running by the time consuming of the custodian to rectify and adjust the problem and not ending by ATM downtime and Customer dissatisfaction. Supplying the ATM with ATM fit quality notes would minimize this serious issue.
    II)Diebold Agilis provides detailed word description of the fault where no error codes are reported.
  • Why is my ATM not working? (1)

    Why is my ATM not working?This is the common frequently asked question by far...

    I)Branch personnel are not trained to analyze the reason behind the stoppage. It could be network, connection, power, host, or ATM issue. Thus, support personnel should be trained to evaluate the problem and direct the service call through the proper channel.

    II)The transaction was not honored. Most of the time, this is a host or card issue. But if the problem is consistent, it could be encryption keys and the host team could tell when loading the ATM if keys were loaded correctly or not.

    II) ATM not dispensing cash. First action is to check for any error displayed on the ATM then the counters for empty cassettes.

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